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Lauder Institute building

We created some Lauder skins to help you to celebrate #LauderLove during your classes and hangouts! Follow the instructions below to download Lauder-themed Zoom backgrounds. Instructions Open the application. You may need to download the Zoom app if you have not already. Click Account Settings (look for the gear-shaped icon at the top rightRead More

Lauder Class of 2019 Graduate Profiles

Medora Brown, Africa/Francophone “After graduation, I will be joining the Nairobi, Kenya, office of Dalberg Advisors, an international-development-focused management consulting firm. I interned at Dalberg last summer, and I was in Nairobi before school, so I am excited to be returning to both a city I know well and aRead More

The Lauder Global Business Insight Report 2019: The Global Push for Change

In every corner of the world, change is visible. Governments, businesses, organizations and individuals are pushing for transformation, refusing to accept the status quo because they believe there is a better way that can benefit more people. From the expansion of women’s rights in Argentina and greater financial inclusion Brazil,Read More

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