The Lauder Institute Students

Highly Motivated

Lauder students are gifted, driven, and exceptionally academically talented. They commit to the program because they have a passion for international business and the desire to lead impactfully and responsibly.

Diverse and Experienced

Classroom discussions at Lauder are enriched by the perspectives of students who have lived and worked in varying sectors and fields from government and engineering to business and law from New York to Nanjing, China. Lauder students possess the intellectual curiosity, humility, and drive to succeed in an increasingly global business landscape. On average, Lauder students arrive with nearly five years’ worth of work experience, which brings immeasurable perspective to their peers both in and out of the classroom.

Globally Minded

A truly global mindset requires a global toolkit. At Lauder, students arrive with advanced oral and written proficiency in one language other than English. By graduation, they are expected to achieve superior proficiency in at least one other language. They spend a minimum of 10 weeks in their region of choice while studying at Lauder, gaining a holistic understanding of that region’s history, customs, economies, and business practices. In addition, students experience other regions of the world through multiple immersion experiences and academic coursework.

Closely Connected

Lauder students engage in clubs and organizations across Wharton, Penn Carey Law, and the School and Arts & Sciences. In fact, many of them lead clubs and initiatives across schools.  Within Lauder, they form a close-knit community. The size of the program, which enrolls approx. 75 MBA/MA students per class, is designed to create a sense of companionship among classmates who become part of a lifelong network.

Meet the Lauder Classes

Class of 2024 Bios

Class of 2025 Bios

“The students of the Lauder program are perhaps the most diverse students I’ve ever encountered, in terms of their life experiences, their professional experiences, and their intellectual curiosity.”

Kenric Tsethlikai, Managing Director, The Lauder Institute