The Lauder Global Business Insight Report


Sustainable development has moved up the priority list, from a set of ideals adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015 to an international imperative as the world experienced its hottest year on record in 2023. Certainly, sustainability is about preserving natural resources and mitigating climate change. But the definition has grown to include strategies that improve health and well-being, reduce deprivation and poverty, elevate education and job opportunities, eradicate inequality, and create a world where all living beings can thrive. It is daunting work that requires the very best of human ingenuity, collaboration, and community building.

In this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management & International Studies take readers on a trip around the globe to reveal the myriad ways in which nations, institutions, and individuals are working toward a more sustainable future. Learn how digitization is driving greater financial inclusion in Latin America and India. Find out how consumers in Japan are destigmatizing the purchase of used luxury goods. Read about how Senegal and Argentina are struggling with the transition to renewable energy. And take a behind-the-scenes look at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, which promises to set a new standard for going green.

The mission of the Lauder Institute is to develop outstanding business leaders who look globally, engage locally, and act responsibly to have a powerful impact in the world. This mission is embodied in each member of the Class of 2025, who present the following articles based on firsthand interviews, observations, and in-country research. They have identified these topics recognizing the diversity of experience globally and because they care deeply about forging a sustainable future for present and future generations. We hope that you find this report to be a source of information and inspiration in helping to change the world for the better.

2024 Report by Section


Balancing Act: How Will Brazil Manage Alliances with China and the US?
Written by Manuel Alvarez, Jaime Cabrera, Michael Huckaby, Tommy Maddox, and Jennifer Pulido

The Bioceanic Corridor: South America’s Answer to the Panama Canal?
Written by Andrés Armada, Manuel Figueroa, and Arunabh Singh

Tunisia’s Brain Drain: What is Driving Youth Emigration?
Written by Rehaab Ali Raza, William Misitano, and Nadir Tekarli

The Knowledge Quotient: Education Policy’s Role in Economic Development
Written by Roland Spier, Doris Xu, and Sebastian Prieto Vasquez


Can Energy Save Argentina’s Economic Crisis?
Written by Allie DiPietro, Gregory McLean, and David Ehmke

Going for Green: Pioneering Sustainability through the Paris 2024 Olympics
Written by Lucy Friedmann, Joselyn T. Salazar Garcia, Dhriti Kamat, and Natasha Urbany

Energy Transition: A Comparable Study of South Africa and Vietnam
Written by Gabriela Vodopives Caselli, Aimee (Ai) Chu, Rodrigo Trotta Yaryd, and Jane (Xiaozhu) Zhang

Oil and Gas in the Climate Change Era: Senegal’s Path to Development
Written by Jeb Beard, Jennifer Bryan, Julien Guiot, and Mallika Patkar


The Risks and Rewards of China’s Venture Capital Market
Written by Jing Wang, Ziqin Yuan, and Jenny Zhang

A Beacon of Hope: Rwanda’s Road Towards Sustainable Development
Written by Vedant Batra, Ignacia Leiva, Billy Kacyem, and James Kakisingi

Can the EU Reach a 20% Share of the Global Semiconductor Market?
Written by Mati Alemayehu, Santiago Gonzalez, and Justin Koehler

Farm to Roundtable: The Changing Role of Agriculture in Taiwanese Food Security
Written by Victor Li, Benjamin Parker, and Cindy Wang


The Future of Luxury Resale in Japan is Omnichannel
Written by Michelle Li, Emily Zhuang, and Angela Zhou

The Rise of Luxury Goods Consumption in South Korea
Written by Andrew Kim, Michael Yuan, Sean Reasner, and Ishak Caner

Silver Shackles: Japan’s Startups and the Challenge of Aging Demographics
Written by July Bok, Tony Wonwoo Choi, Kevin Gottfredson, Yoon Joo Kim, and Sabrina Xu


Cash Is King: Exploring Taiwan’s Preference for Cash in a Digital World
Written by Zoroastro Alves de Souza Neto, Neha Jain, Jason Togut, Jessica Lin, and Lloyd Soh

Financial Inclusion in Latin America
Written by Leonardo G. Acedo, Wesley Aster, Jose Saiz, and Giancarlo Boldrini

Rural Rupees to Cashless Clicks: Microfinance’s High-tech Tale
Written by Ian Anderson, Sharvani Mehta, Yashodhana Raj, and Neha Saraf

Card vs. QR: Comparative Insights from Fintech Disruptors in South Africa and Vietnam
Written by Djavaneh Bierwirth, Edward Kalaydjian, Alfonso Rojas, Joshua Shen, and Maria Zorrilla


Special thanks to Editor and Faculty Advisor for this report, Dr. Sudev Sheth