Admission Requirements For JD/MA Applicants

The Lauder Institute’s Admission Process with Penn Carey Law

JD/MA applicants may apply either 1) to Penn Carey Law and Lauder prior to being accepted at either, or 2) during the fall of their first year at Penn Carey Law, with the intention to begin the Lauder program in May of that year. Penn Carey Law and the Lauder Institute make independent judgments about each candidate. However, the admissions departments discuss joint applicants before final decisions are made.

Lauder Institute Admission Requirements

In addition to the Penn Carey Law JD application, Lauder asks JD/MA applicants to submit the following information:

  • Lauder Supplement for JD Applicants: This form requests the candidate’s proposed Program of Concentration within Lauder and the current Oral Proficiency Interview rating(s). Candidates also use this form to provide information about language proficiency and international/cross-cultural experience. Download the JD/Lauder Application.
  • Resume: please provide an updated resume as part of your application to Lauder.
  • Lauder Essay: All applicants to the Lauder program are required to complete one essay:
    • Discuss why you are applying to the Lauder Institute, detailing specific reasons, experiences, and background for choosing your Program of Concentration, as well as your interest in further study in that Program. Applicants to Programs of Concentration involving language study (Africa-French; East and Southeast Asia; Europe; Latin America; South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa) should also discuss what they hope to gain from advanced language and cultural education, as well as describe how they have learned the language they will study (e.g. undergraduate courses, undergraduate major, etc.). Finally, please describe how you see yourself benefiting from, and contributing to, the Lauder community.   (800 words)
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI): At least one OPI is required of all Lauder applicants and must be arranged, scheduled, and completed with Language Testing International (LTI). For essential information on the Lauder Institute’s language requirements for admission and graduation, as well as information on how to schedule your OPI(s), click through to Language Testing.
  • Copy of Penn Carey Law Application: The complete application, with transcripts and LSAT scores, but without recommendations, should be sent directly from Penn Carey Law. If applying during 1L, a copy of your first-semester grades should also be sent once they become available. Review the instructions in the supplemental JD/MA application for specifics.
  • Interview: Lauder interviews are granted by invitation only, based upon a full review of your application. The interview will focus on your international/cross-cultural interests and experience, personal qualities, general fit for Lauder, and ability to start and manage the two programs beginning in early May. Applicants selected to interview will receive communication with details on how to arrange their interview.

Application Deadlines for JD/MA Applicants

The JD/Lauder Application Deadline is March 1 each year.