Lauder Intercultural Ventures

Lauder Intercultural Ventures (LIVS)

The Lauder Intercultural Ventures (LIVs) provide an opportunity to road test earlier lessons on intercultural leadership in the context of a week-long off-site immersion and related pre-departure academic work. Each LIV, led by a faculty member, focuses on a theme relevant to the site’s historical, social, political, economic, and/or cultural context. LIVs are scheduled during Winter and Spring break, and each student will enroll in two LIV’s throughout their two years at Lauder. A LIV combines academic and experiential learning activities, and thus has contextual knowledge objectives (such as learning about environmental issues, consumption habits, religious studies, etc.) as well as field-based exercises and leadership development opportunities.

Alaska (New!)

People of the Tide: Perpetuating Tlingit Culture and Resources in Southeast Alaska

Iceland (New!)

Gender, Technology, and Leadership

Past LIVs


Closing Health Gaps through Partnerships?


A Society and an Economy in Transition

Denmark and Estonia

Entrepreneurial Economies of the Baltic Backwaters


Water Issues and Innovation


Social impact from a changing environment


Buddhism in Asia’s Final Frontier


Tahiti and Its Arts: From Traditional to Contemporary

Former Yugoslavia

Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods in Bosnia and Serbia

LIV Application

Students will be asked to apply for a LIV that focuses on a theme of greatest interest to them. The Institute aims to meet student interest, but cannot guarantee first choices. Students will submit an application for participation in which they provide first, second, and third LIV choices and submit an application essay. Criteria for LIV assignments are: the quality of the academic rationale and the availability of slots. Once a LIV has been assigned, students will sign an agreement that commits them to participating in all the planned activities related to the LIV and to follow the policies. After signing the agreement, students cannot change their LIV.

LIV Student Experiences

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