The Lauder Community

At its core, the Lauder Institute is a tight-knit community that comprises the students, the faculty members, the staff, and the alumni whose Lauder colleagues are forever tied to their success.

Exceptional Students

The more than 70 exceptionally talented students who enter the Lauder MBA/MA or JD/MA joint-degree program each year embrace an academic challenge. They come to the Lauder Institute from around the world, bringing with them years of meaningful work experience, endless drive, and the capacity to play a leading role on a global stage. Learn more about Lauder students.

Expert Faculty

Academic experts in their fields and masters in language instruction and intercultural competency, Lauder faculty teach, conduct research, and support the educational mission of the program. Scholars of world-renown and professors of practice, they are uncommonly qualified to bring a global perspective to critical issues in the humanities, social sciences, international business, and law. Read Lauder faculty bios.

Outstanding Alumni

Alumni of the Lauder Institute have launched over 100 entrepreneurial ventures – from Web startups to nonprofits – and can be found in executive and top-tier management positions in companies in the United States and around the world. Employers and entrepreneurs, they are lifelong members of the Lauder community. Learn more about Lauder Institute alumni.

Dedicated Staff

Easing the transition from professional life to academic life and back again, the Lauder Institute staff handles everything from career guidance to class scheduling to academic advisement to alumni relations. They are always available to answer questions and concerns. Meet the staff exclusively dedicated to Lauder students.