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The Lauder Institute Career Guidance

Most students arrive at Lauder after several years of work experience. Many have a clear vision of where their career will take them: They may have entrepreneurial ambitions and plans in the works for launching their own ventures, or they may have zeroed in on companies and agencies where they plan to work. But even the most driven and focused students benefit from the guidance offered by Lauder’s dedicated Global Career Advisor, who works with students one-on-one and organizes events throughout the academic year.

Lauder Career Outcomes

Each year, Lauder graduates obtain a variety of positions around the world. Our Class of 2020 took roles in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, in addition to the cities across the US. In total, approximately one-third of graduates work abroad after graduation. Multiple students also pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Top employers for the Class of 2020 include: (more than two students hired)

  • Amazon
  • Bain
  • BCG
  • Gramercy
  • McKinsey

Top industries represented:

  • Consulting
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial services/investment banking/PE
  • Technology

Lauder’s Global Career Advisor

Each year, our Global Career Advisor, Kim Conroy, holds dozens of individual meetings with Lauder students on campus. Recent graduates gave her exceptionally high ratings for the helpfulness of her career advice, connecting them to Lauder alumni, and building strong relationships with corporations and organizations that interest them.

The Lauder Alumni Series

Career Advice from Successful Professionals

Video Conferences and Campus Visits

In addition to individual advising, the Lauder Gobal Career Advisor organizes events that connect hundreds of Lauder students to more than three-dozen Lauder alumni in more than a dozen countries. These events represent meaningful learning and networking opportunities that have led to internships and mentorship.

Life-changing Career Insight

Less tangible but equally significant outcomes of these encounters is insight. Hearing from working professionals and business leaders about their career decisions and experiences serves as a reality check to students’ expectations for life after Lauder. These events have pushed students to reevaluate their plans or just make simple tweaks that can transform their career trajectory.

Alumni Connections

At more than a dozen events per semester, students are able to meet representatives from a range of industries and companies on every continent but Antarctica. In 2014 alone, representatives – including CEOs, COOs, and presidents – from firms in Bogota, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Paris, Santiago, Sao Paolo, and Shanghai met with Lauder students. Because the Lauder cohort is small, campus visits and videoconferencing bring the possibility of genuine connection. Every student has a chance to meet and shake hands – virtually or in person – with alumni who are committed to the success of the next generation of Lauder graduates.

Lauder Podcast: Career Advisor Kim Conroy

Lauder Global Career Advisor Kim Conroy shares about her background and the types of career services that are available to Lauder students.

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