MBA/MA from The Wharton School and the Penn School of Arts and Sciences

The Lauder program combines an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Arts in International Studies from the School of Arts and Sciences. At Lauder, students focus on one of our six Programs of Concentration pursuing language studies, intercultural leadership skills, global coursework, and research – providing context for them to do business around the world.

JD/MA from Penn Law and the Penn School of Arts and Sciences

The joint Lauder JD/MA degree uniquely prepares students to engage in international legal affairs. Lauder Institute graduates who work at the intersection of international law and business are notable for their depth of understanding of the social, political, and economic factors at work in their countries and regions of focus.


The Benefits of a Lauder Institute Degree

Lauder graduates understand the complexity of the contemporary world. That understanding comes from not only what they learn at Lauder but also how they learn here.

Uniquely interdisciplinary, the Lauder program integrates knowledge across areas such as international economics, comparative politics, sociology, anthropology, history, language and culture. Out of the classroom, in-depth immersion experiences engage students in learning hands-on and in-country. Moreover, by graduation, every Lauder students displays superior-level proficiency in at least one language other than English.

The interdisciplinary knowledge, intercultural fluency, and superior language ability that Lauder students acquire over 24 months here make them invaluable to business and social-impact endeavors that span regions and industries. A Lauder degree adds to a business leader’s ability to negotiate across dividing lines and navigate cultural differences. Ultimately, the degree drives the success of our alumni in life after Lauder.

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