A key component of the Lauder family is the 1,600-strong Lauder alumni body. Our community embodies the core principles of the Lauder Institute serving as political, legal, educational and business leaders around the globe.

The Lauder Institute Alumni Association maintains and enhances a highly engaged and vibrant community worldwide. This lifelong extension of the Lauder Institute offers students inspiration and guidance as they embark on the next phase of their careers and helps alumni forge lifelong friendships and develop fulfilling careers through its extended network.

We invite all alumni to connect with us by visiting the newly launched LauderLink alumni site!

Jan Burns G86, WG86, Markus Schober, Cathy Abell, and Keith Abell G86, WG86 at the NYC LIAA Seminar in February 2015

Our Mission

Founded in 2004, the Lauder Institute Alumni Association (“LIAA”) is an organization dedicated to supporting the goals and mission of the Lauder Institute by fostering a strengthening of the bonds that tie Lauder graduates to the Lauder Institute itself and to each other. All graduates of the Lauder Institute become members of LIAA at the time of their graduation. The mission of LIAA is to:

  • Bolster the image, awareness, and reputation of the Lauder Institute among top executives and key constituencies
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, networking, volunteering, and friendship-building among alumni, current students, and the Lauder Institute Board of Governors
  • Maintain the intellectual stimulation of the Lauder experience through speaker series and events in club cities
  • Support and assist the Lauder Institute in its recruiting and fundraising activities.


It takes a lot of time and effort from many volunteers to bring together an association as large as ours. Currently, LIAA is looking for your help with the following efforts:

Programming and Events

Organize activities for Lauder alumni throughout the world. Activities can be both social and educational (e.g., golf outings, ski trips, wine tastings, dinner parties, women’s career development, personal investments, retirement planning, business or political discussions).

Marketing and Membership

Increase awareness of LIAA among Lauder alumni and the larger business and academic community. Promote events. Manage membership processes.

Finance and Corporate Sponsorship

Manage existing LIAA finances and fund ongoing events. Seek out and obtain corporate sponsorship for LIAA on both an ongoing and per-event basis.

University Relations

Coordinate with Lauder, Wharton, and the broader University of Pennsylvania communities to showcase LIAA and the Lauder Institute as an integrated part of the larger University.

Career and Professional Development

Create opportunities for ongoing professional development and strengthen the Lauder alumni network.

Alliances and Partnerships

Develop, coordinate, and maintain mutually rewarding relationships with non-university related entities (e.g. foreign policy and business associations).

Lauder Global Alumni Weekend

Plan the next LIAA Lauder Global Alumni Weekend reunion. Select a venue and a theme. Develop an agenda and invite speakers. Organize reunion dinner and other reunion activities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and joining one of LIAA’s committees, please sign up today. If you have other ideas but cannot find the time to volunteer on a regular basis, please send us your suggestions.

Contact Info

Mailing Address

Lauder Alumni Association
FDR Station PO Box 8523
New York, NY 10150

Email address


Board of Directors

Board members are elected for a 3-year term at the end of the year in which a Global Business Forum is held. The current Board was elected in December 2013. Alumni must be Supporting Members of LIAA at the time of the election to serve on the Board and to vote for Board members. The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the Board from among its members.

Kathryn Harrison

Class of 2012

Leonardo Navarro

Class of 2011

Paul Aris

Class of 1987
Director Professional Development, Networking and Education

Henry Detering

Class of 2004
Director of Social Events

Katherine D’Urso

Class of 1998
Director of Communications and Marketing

Mayra Rodriguez Valladares

Class of 1995
Director of Campus Connection

Matthew Axelrod

Class of 2011

Eyal Kaplan

Class of 1990

Marcy Bevan

Ex officio
Director, Admissions and Alumni Affairs, Lauder Institute

Upcoming LIAA Events

There are currently no upcoming events.


Become a Supporting Member of the Lauder Institute Alumni Association! While membership in LIAA is extended to all graduates of the Lauder Institute, alumni are asked to support the activities and administration of LIAA by becoming Supporting Members.

Membership Benefits

Supporting Members benefit from a series of year-round international events, speakers, and programs at discounted rates. In addition, LIAA is negotiating discounts from other organizations to be available to Supporting Members.


Supporting Membership dues are only $75 a year. Get the PDF version of our membership brochure, register online.

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