Summers as a Lauder Institute Student

The First Month

For first-year students at the Lauder Institute, the academic year begins several months before the Fall Term, with four weeks of rigorous coursework on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia.

First-summer Immersion

Following their four weeks of coursework in Philadelphia, groups of Lauder students head off for an immersion in a region of concentration or at sites in multiple regions around the globe. Their travel partners are other students in the same Program of Concentration. Each Program is carefully designed and led by a faculty director and includes opportunities for students to interact with Lauder alumni when feasible.

Summer Research Projects

During the summer immersion, students conduct research in teams to produce an article on an international business, economic, cultural, or political topic related to their experiences.

Topics of summer research may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • a company making the headlines;
  • an industry that epitomizes the economic strengths of the country;
  • a cultural tradition or practice that has implications for business;
  • a political characteristic, institution, or event of relevance to business; or
  • the activities of an entrepreneur (such as a Lauder alumnus)

What is important is to make connections between a business-related topic of current interest and broader issues of public policy, government, economics, or culture. Research includes gathering information and conducting interviews in a student’s target language.

Second Summer

After the first year at Lauder, students pursue an internship as their part of their experience in the MA/MBA and MA/JD programs.