Virtual Session Recap: Lady Barbara Judge CBE Addresses Lauder Students

A message from Lauder Director Martine Haas addressing the recent virtual session with Lady Barbara Judge CBE,  a member of the Lauder Board of Governors: 

The Lauder Institute is grateful to Lady Barbara Judge CBE for taking the time to meet with our students virtually last week! Lady Judge has been a member of the Lauder Institute’s Board of Governors since the Institute was founded in 1983. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, we had planned to welcome her to campus to meet with the Lauder students in person, but in the last few weeks, the campus has been closed down, and all Lauder, Wharton, and Penn classes have gone online. This has been a big adjustment for everyone, but now that classes are up and running, it seemed like a good time to start inviting engaging speakers to interact with us online too. So, Lady Judge was our first virtual special guest speaker for Spring 2020, joining us from London – and it was a wonderful session!

Over 50 students joined virtually, which was a great turnout, and we were able to see each other via the video link. Lady Judge described her extraordinary career, including highlights, mistakes, and tips for the students, and they were able to ask questions to which she responded in real time. She is a very engaging speaker and she did a fabulous job, telling great stories and offering much wise advice. Here is some of the feedback the students sent after the session:

“I really enjoyed today’s session with Lady Judge. Her life and career advice were tremendously helpful for me especially as I am navigating such uncertain times. Please let her know how much I appreciated her time and sharing her experiences with us so candidly. I look forward to attending more sessions such as this one in the future. I especially like the structure she set up for us, story – takeaways – how we can apply them.” 

“I thought the session was wonderful and she was very kind. Her stories helped get her points across and she clearly cares for the Lauder student community. Please keep these events coming!”

“Absolutely loved this session with Lady Judge. I found her to be such a sincere and kindhearted person and her advice resonated with me.”

Clearly, the students very much appreciated and valued Lady Judge’s advice, as well as the engaging way she conveyed it. So, once again, thank you, Lady Judge!