Lauder Global Business Insight Report 2020: Pushing for Progress Around the World

Each year, Lauder students conduct research and interviews during immersions around the world. The Lauder Global Business Insight Report provides an annual snapshot of new trends in business and economics and the challenges and opportunities of politics and policy. The unprecedented events of the last few months have made it clear that a shift is on the horizon. This year’s report, produced through the collective efforts of Lauder’s Class of 2021, demonstrates people around the world responding to global challenges, driving social and political change, and advancing economic wellbeing.

Take an engaging look at the current cryptocurrency craze in South Korea, the latte-loving turn of China’s coffee-drinking millennials, and a movement in Mexico to revive an ancient method of tortilla-making. Learn how property owners in Zimbabwe and Ghana are still dealing with the vestiges of European colonialism in clarifying their land development rights, and why affirmative action policies to address historical inequality in Malaysia and South Africa have fallen short. And dive deeply into the challenge to transform the working environments in France, which has a long history of labor-class uprisings, and Japan, where corporations are trying to modernize themselves.

See the full report here, published by Knowledge@Wharton.

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