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About Lauder

Founded in 1983 by Leonard A. Lauder, Chairman Emeritus of the Estee Lauder Companies and the Honorable Ronald S. Lauder, the Lauder Institute now has a 30-year tradition of preparing future business leaders through a joint degree program in international management, integrating an MA in International Studies from Penn's School of Arts and Sciences with a Wharton MBA or a JD from Penn Law.

The Lauder Institute is more than a business program – it’s a career changing, life-changing opportunity giving Wharton MBA students the opportunity to combine international management education with a deeper understanding of global leadership studies, advanced language and cross-cultural proficiencies – the international MBA skills required to successfully navigate a rapidly expanding global economy.

The two-year program was the first joint-degree program for MBA international management candidates – and continues to lead in innovation for international MBA programs. The Institute now offers advanced language study with dedicated staff in nine languages and their corresponding regional study areas, including the newly launched Hindi program (South Asia), Arabic (Middle East), Mandarin Chinese , Japanese (East Asia), Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America) – and French, German and Russian (Europe). Our Global Program reflects our most recent expansion, designed specifically for multi-lingual Lauder candidates.

The Lauder Institute is a global oasis within one of the world’s leading business schools and universities. Each class of 50-70 Lauder Fellows becomes part of a small, tight-knit community passionate about international management issues and global studies. While truly a part of the broader Wharton and Penn communities, students benefit from dedicated teaching and language professionals delivering a unique curriculum specifically designed to create a truly integrated learning experience – in and out of the classroom – and literally around the globe.

Lauder students don’t just study the world from the classroom; they take the classroom to the world – earning part of their joint MA/MBA degree abroad during their language immersion eight-week program, as well as with their Global Knowledge Lab (GKL) requirement. The GKL provides students with the opportunity to develop and integrate their language, managerial, and cultural skills in the context of a practical, yet analytical, research undertaking. Projects require candidates to travel to multiple global regions – leveraging multiple languages, cultures and research techniques. Often, projects are sponsored and/or directed by outside organizations, including foundations, investment banks, consulting firms, or business associations.

The vision of Leonard and Ronald Lauder and the Lauder Institute is to prepare leaders to speak the global language of business, culture, and politics. Fluently. Our alumni now extend virtually around the world – a network of lifelong friendships with a lifelong commitment to all of our Lauder community.

Our graduates are and have been global leaders in their respective fields … just a few examples include the Global Co-leader of the Operations Practice at McKinsey & Co., Director of Innovation of the Peace Corps, President of the Global Editions of TIME Magazine, Founder of Fundusz Mikro, the first microfinance institution in Poland, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, for The McGraw-Hill Companies, Deputy Chief of Mission and resident Chargé d’Affaires to Samoa, Co-founder of the Brazilian e-commerce site Baby.com.br – and closer to the Lauder campus, the North Carolina State Treasurer.

Aspire to be a Lauder Fellow. Click here to learn more about how to become part of the Lauder Institute future.

Current News

Dr. Mauro Guillen participates in the Nasdaq bell ringing ceremony as a part of the Cuba Oppurtunity Summit: video

Tereza Widmar '15 speaks about the benefits of cross-disciplinary programs in a Penn Law video.

William Lauder's class on "Decision-Making in the Leadership Chair" featured in Fall 2013 Wharton Magazine.

The third annual Culture Quest featured our greatest adventure to date! Seventy-five participants (57 Lauder students, 14 partners, and 4 Huntsman students) raced from Vienna, Austria, to Istanbul, Turkey, in 10 days. They traveled through various countries in the region in a self-guided, “Orient Express”-themed trek. Using different modes of transportation, the 17 teams had opportunities to interview local government officials, interact with local business leaders, and experience a variety of cultural practices, all while earning points for their activities. Assigned readings, papers, and lectures reinforced the learning experiences, and students came away with new leadership and team-building skills. The quest ended in Istanbul with a morning of lectures graciously hosted by Wharton alum Vedat Sadioglu and his wife Claudia.

Regina Abrami has published a chapter in Regina Abrami, Edmund Malesky, and Yu Zheng, "Vietnam through Chinese Eyes: Divergent Accountability in Single-Party Regimes." In Martin Dimitrov, ed. Why Communism Did Not Collapse: Understanding Authoritarian Regime Resilience in Asia and Europe (New York: Cambridge University Press), pp. 237-275. She has also been awarded a Research Opportunity Grant from the School of Arts and Sciences (up to the allowable full amount) for a second book project, tentatively titled, "Naming Progress, Finding Vice: Class Labeling, Credible Commitment, and Market Creation in Vietnam and China."

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