Wharton Stories: An MBA Techie on 6 Strategies for Recruiting

Victoria Cheng, WG’17, G’17, has always had her eyes on the future. That’s been true since she was a little girl dreaming about technologies that were then the stuff of science fiction, and it’s essential now that she’s a techie aiming to make those technologies real.

For Victoria, an entrepreneurial management major, creating the future requires putting in the work now while looking far ahead. That practice brought her to Wharton and Lauder, and it landed her two hard-won internships — one at a Los Angeles e-commerce company, and another at an innovative Shanghai startup. Now after graduation she’ll be joining e-commerce leader Alibaba in Hangzhou, China, for a one-year rotational program.

“I’m a very forward-thinking person, very open to new ideas,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in the frontier of tech: self-driving cars, space exploration, Mars colonization, life extension.”

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