Spanish Program Abroad

Our group of fifteen Spanish trackers has been enjoying our first two weeks in Peru, indulging in the wonderful gastronomy Lima has to offer and learning about the country’s recent growth. During the first decade of the 21st century, Peru experienced very strong economic performance, achieving 8.5% GDP growth in 2010, but the country has seen slower rates of growth in subsequent years.

To better understand the country’s recent history and business environment, we have attended several seminars with faculty at La Universidad del Pacífico on topics ranging from economic growth, inclusive business and social enterprise, and the informal economy. We have also met with a variety of businesses in Lima, including:
Enfoca, a Peruvian private equity firm focused on high-growth sectors related to the emerging middle class; Buenaventura, a Peruvian mining company; and Fundación Pachacútec, a non-profit dedicated to developing the community of Pachacútec through technical training for students in culinary, business, and call center careers.

After spending ten days in Lima, we have traveled to the interior of Peru to spend a week visiting Cusco, which served as the capital of the Incan Empire; Machu Picchu; and Puno, the home of Lake Titicaca. We will then be headed off to Bogotá, Colombia, where we will spend a month before completing our immersion in Mexico City.

¡Hasta pronto!
Monica Scheid, Spanish Track 2017

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