Santander Venture Awards 2015

Santander Venture Awards were Awarded to Lauder Students to Support their Efforts as Entrepreneurs


The Santander Venture Awards are given to ventures led by MBA students, and is meant to help them during the early stage of entrepreneurial development. This financial support, coupled with the many other co-curricular opportunities at Wharton, provides a strong foundation for students’ professional development as entrepreneurs. The Santander Venture Award is intended to support a student’s work over the summer in lieu of a full-time internship, so that one can concentrate full-time to developing the venture. Each venture receives a $10,000 cash award. The Lauder Institute is very excited and proud of the winners for all their hard work.
The winners of the 2015 Santander Venture Award are:

Partners in Global Education (PGE) by Robert Fried.
This venture facilitates short-term study seminars in emerging countries on behalf of U.S.-based institutions. Organizing group educational travel to emerging countries is often difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. To address this market need, PGE provides three core services. First, the company utilizes its extensive network—in part based on the Lauder/Wharton network—to help develop the client’s in-country itinerary. Second, PGE provides comprehensive enrollment assistance (e.g. visa services, form collections, FAQs, etc.). Third, PGE facilitates all in-country logistics. The company initially offers program facilitation in China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, and Colombia and plans to expand to several additional emerging countries.

PedFlow by Kaline Brueckner-Saab, Robert Hamill & Maria Lohner
PedFlow is pedestrian flow management and crowd simulation software that models the movement of large crowds through structures and public spaces. PedFlow analyzes crowd movements in various scenarios to help users understand infrastructure capacity, throughput limits, optimal evacuation routes, etc. This software completes complex analysis in minutes or hours compared to the multi-day or week processing times required by competitors.

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