Post Lauder Adventures

Us and our trusted car, right before we set off from Madrid.

Three friends, 10,000 miles, and an old car. That was the initial plan when we decided to drive from Madrid to Ulaanbaatar. With our Lauder diplomas in our pockets, we wanted to take advantage of the summer to discover new landscapes, new cultures and most importantly, meet new people!

As we cross the Bosphorus, the dividing line between Europe and Asia, we reflect on how surprised we are with the kindness of the people we’ve encountered along the way. Here are some examples of the kindness of friends, strangers, and fellow Lauderites:

  • New friends did not let us leave Spain without having a proper paella!
  • We were shown us the best pastries in France.
  • A Lauder mom spent a whole afternoon showing us the grandiose history of the city of Romeo and Juliet.
  • We tasted the best Slovenian wine.
  • Friends took us to the best beach and seafood restaurant on the Croatian coast.
  • They recommended the nicest baths in Budapest.
  • We experiences such friendliness in Belgrade that we couldn’t leave the place!
  • We learned how rich the Bulgarian heritage is in Plovdiv.
Heading through Turkey

The Lauder program has given us the intercultural and language tools that we need to effectively navigate in new countries. Now, we are in Istanbul, a city between two continents and where multiple civilizations have co-existed for centuries. We are very grateful for all the tips we have received, the friends we have made, and we are more than ready for the next 6,000 miles! Stay tuned!

-Pierre Le Normand, Lorenzo de Zavala Carvajal, and Yann Manibog (Lauder/Wharton ’17)

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