Lauder Tips for the Class of 2018

As the Fall semester is underway, we asked second year Lauder students about their tips and advice for the new 2018 class. Below are eight points of advice for an enjoyable and productive two years:

  1. “Some of the best quiet places to take a call on campus are: Executive MBA lounge on the 2nd floor of Vance Hall, or the Hallway in the basement of Vance Hall.”
  2. “While the Lauder lounge is the Holy Grail for socializing, if you have work to get done, the Grad Center (diagonally across from SHDH on Locust) is much more conducive to productivity. Assortment of free coffee if you bring your own mug, plus a cozy fire place!”
  3. “For the Learning Team 360 feedback sessions, ask your LF if s/he is willing to do them over coffee. It makes the whole experience much more congenial and enjoyable.”
  4. “My best advice would be to make a priorities list and a non-priorities list and be aggressive about choosing what to spend time on and what not to spend time on. It makes you be much happier. Otherwise, you may always be mulling over decisions. Having a blueprint for things you can say yes to will make life easier!
  5. “Practice your foreign language(s) with your Lauder friends who are native speakers as much as possible. Make that language the default between you instead of English.”
  6. “Whether it’s about politics, history or even celebrities, I love to stop by Ron Granieri’s office to chat. He always has a very insightful answer to everything! Just grab a cup of coffee and swing by, it is always a great learning moment!”
  7. “If you like to work in cafes, “HubBub Coffee” and “United by Blue” have great coffee, are near campus, and are within Penn Wi-Fi range.”
  8. “For your MBA experience in general, my only advice would be to make the experience yours. Take 30 min per week to just listen to yourself and get rid of the external noises. Think about what you need, what you want, and how you feel. Then, act on it!”

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