Lauder Class of 2021 Graduate Profiles

student photo jonte boysen

Jonte Boysen, Africa and General

“After graduation, I will be joining Verdox, a young Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) startup in Boston, as Head of Business Development. I was introduced to the industry by a Lauder alumna at the beginning of my first semester and spent next year and a half volunteering, networking, and interning in the space. Preventing catastrophic climate change requires billions of tons of carbon dioxide to be removed from the atmosphere and I am hoping that affordable DAC will allow us to do this in an equitable and sustainable way.”







student photo PaulaSuzanne Lapciuc

PaulaSuzanne Lapciuc, Latin America and Spanish

“One of the most important aspects to Lauder is its community. It has an extremely supportive and encouraging environment amongst its students, to the point that it becomes like a family. One of my most memorable experiences came during my career search. I was applying to Amazon’s Pathways program and reached out to an unknown Lauder alumnus in the position.  He immediately replied and agreed to practice with me for hours until I perfected my interview pitch. Thanks to his help, I got my dream job! I will now be working at Amazon Pathways in supply chain operations post-graduation.”







student photo alison wawrzyneck

Alison Wawrzynek, Europe and French

“After graduation, I will be joining the Strategy team at YouTube, focusing on the intersection of technology and global media. Having interned at Spotify over the past year, I’m excited to take the learnings from this experience and translate them into deeper understanding of how individuals communicate and share information. I could not be more thankful for my Lauder classmates and the broader Lauder community. We’ve supported each other through a difficult two years, helped broaden each other’s perspectives, and provided a lot of laughs along the way. I know this family that we have created will be indispensable as we progress in our careers throughout the world.”