Learn about Lauder in ‘Poets & Quants’

The Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania offers a pioneering joint degree MA program in International Studies with the Wharton MBA or Penn Carey Law School’s JD. In our new Poets & Quants blog series, we highlight what makes the Lauder Institute so unique and how The Lauder Difference helps prepare global business leaders.

Learn about our admissions process, our global career programming, and our immersive travel-based educational experiences through the links below.

Part I: What You Need To Know About Applying To Lauder

Our first post in this series provides an overview of the Lauder program and offers helpful insights into our admissions process. The article discusses language testing, things to include in your application essay, and information about fellowship support provided to Lauder students.

Part II: Global Career Advising At The Lauder Institute

Our MA degree program in International Studies provides highly customized career advising and connections to a truly engaged global alumni network. This article details Lauder’s comprehensive career programming including career-focused alumni chats, recruiting sessions, interview preparation, and global internships.

Part III: International, Immersive and Interdisciplinary Travel

Our final post in this series outlines the numerous international travel opportunities available for students to engage in immersive intercultural experiences. These experiences are a unique and integrated component of our International Studies curriculum, and frequently cited by alumni as the ‘best part’ of their entire joint-degree program.