International Fieldwork Photo Contest: Winners Announced

The Lauder Institute is pleased to announce the winners of its International Fieldwork Photo Contest.

These photos were taken by students from the Class of 2024 while completing international fieldwork for their masters research project.

The photos shown below reflect research undertaken in South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and China where student teams engaged in cross-regional analysis, exploring topics as wide-ranging as the impact of ‘World Heritage Site’ designation, regulation of cryptocurrency, and the growth of snow sports tourism.

Winning photos will be framed and displayed at The Lauder Institute.

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Gamcheon Culture Village  |  Busan, South Korea

“How would you feel if your house became a tourist attraction overnight? In Busan’s Gamcheon Culture Village, residents were forced to answer this question after a public art project transformed the neighborhood into a leading tourist attraction, providing new income sources for some residents while forcing others to abandon their homes. This case study on mass tourism relates to our team’s research on the effects of UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, revealing that a fresh coat of paint can sometimes be even more impactful than international recognition.” –  Adam Stein 

Adam is a student in Lauder’s Latin America Program, with a concentration in Spanish.


Sensō-ji   |  Tokyo, Japan

“Amidst Tokyo’s bustling urban landscape, Sensō-ji Temple stands as a serene sanctuary of tradition and spirituality in Japan. Its vibrant red gate welcomes visitors with timeless allure, contrasting against the modern city’s hustle and bustle. Winding through Nakamise Street, a colorful array of stalls beckon with trinkets and treats, bridging the gap between past and present. As one steps into the temple grounds, my Japanese Fujifilm camera’s click captures both the present we live in today and the history of yesterday, just like our research on Japan’s movement away from fiat into a new age of cryptocurrency.” –  Phillip Weinstein 

Phillip is a student in Lauder’s Europe Program, with a concentration in Russian.


Milford Sound  |  South Island, New Zealand

“Our team travelled to New Zealand to study the growth of snow sports tourism. While visiting Fiordland National Park, I captured a boat travelling through Milford Sound. We discovered that the term “sound” is a misnomer for Milford Sound, as it is more accurately classified as a fjord. This was just one among many insights we gained into New Zealand’s national geography and environment, both of which offer an ideal setting for adventure sports.” Maesoumeh Mohammadkhani

Maesoumeh is a student in Lauder’s Latin America Program, with a concentration in Spanish.



Laomendong |  Nanjing, China

“We visited South Korea and China to do a comparative study on the global popularity of K-pop. In Asian pop music, traditional attire like Han Fu (pictured here) is a cornerstone of music video iconography, symbolizing a blend of heritage and modernity. Our visit to Nanjing immersed us in this cultural phenomenon. Wearing Han Fu, we experienced a vivid connection to history, witnessing how ancient traditions are reimagined in today’s pop culture. This photo captures the essence of this cultural fusion, reflecting the global appeal of East Asian pop music and the rebranding of traditions by younger generations. Wenjia You and Melody Xie

Wenjia is a student in Lauder’s Global Program, and Melody is a student in Lauder’s East and Southeast Asia Program, with a concentration in Japanese.