Martine Haas on the Challenges of Hybrid Work (Harvard Business Review)

Lauder Institute Director, Martine Haas, has published a new article in the Harvard Business Review about the challenges organizations face with hybrid work and how to overcome them.

Summary: Hybrid working arrangements can be daunting for those about to adopt them and challenging for those who already have. But the good news is that we’re learning quickly where the biggest obstacles lie and how to minimize them in advance and manage them as they come up. The most common challenges related to hybrid work fall under what the author calls the “5C challenges”: communication, coordination, connection, creativity, and culture. If you’re struggling to manage a hybrid team or workforce, start by understanding the five challenges, then use the author’s 5Cs checklist to assess where you’re at and where to go from there. It’s designed to help leaders tackle — and prioritize — the most common challenges of hybrid working.

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