The Lauder Institute Launches Italian Language Track in Europe Program

Published June 15, 2023

The Lauder Institute is pleased to invite applicants for a new Italian Language Track in our Europe Program of Concentration beginning in Summer 2024. Applicants for the Lauder Class of 2026 who meet the eligibility requirements may select ‘Italian’ as their language of instruction in the Europe Program.

The Institute’s language and culture courses are aligned with the Institute’s commitment to develop outstanding business leaders. Spoken by more than 70 million people worldwide, Italian opens doors to a vibrant culture deeply rooted in art, literature, music, history, and commerce.

“At the Lauder Institute, we believe that language is the gateway to cultural understanding and effective leadership in international business,” says Managing Director, Kenric Tsethlikai. “Italy plays an important role in the European Union and the global economy. Its thriving industries, including fashion, tourism, design, manufacturing, and cuisine, have global influence making it a compelling area of study for our students.”

The Europe Program of Concentration at Lauder already offers four languages of instruction: French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Students study regional and national diversity, local perspectives and experiences, and Europe’s geopolitical and economic relations with the world. Students in the 24-month Europe/Italian program will work toward a superior-level of Italian language proficiency by the time they graduate through a combination of in-class language study, interdisciplinary coursework, and international immersive experiences.

Applicants interested in applying to the Italian Track must meet specific proficiency requirements to be eligible. Educated native speakers* in Romance languages (such as French, Portuguese, Spanish) without prior knowledge of Italian will be considered for the Europe/Italian program. These applicants should test in their native language and are required to submit a Superior-level OPI rating for that language. In addition, educated native speaker* applicants who speak some Italian should take an OPI in Italian even if the expected rating is at or below Advanced. For more information on language and testing, please review the options and requirements here.

If you are interested in applying, please visit our Admissions page for more information.

*A person who speaks that particular language as a first language AND whose formal education was delivered in that language through high school.