Dr. Regina Abrami Wins Prestigious Award

Today’s business students need courses that prepare them tackle society’s largest challenges and create a better capitalism. We’re thrilled that Dr. Regina Abrami was recognized as one of 20 recipients of the Ideas Worth Teaching Awards from the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program.

The Ideas Worth Teaching Awards were established to celebrate curricula that bring to life the promise of meaningful work in business – showing students the “choice points” available to firms and managers in realms like sustainability or the future of work. This year’s winning courses focus on critical social issues ripped from the headlines – populism, water scarcity and artificial intelligence among them – and illuminate how and why these issues are business issues. Collectively, these courses paint a picture of what is possible in management education

Here is a short description of Dr. Abrami’s course: Risk managers have no shortage of quantitative tools to identify and hedge uncertainty. What they lack are tools to think about matters of high ambiguity. By introduction to the field of foresight strategy and its theoretical underpinnings in environmental and security studies, Fault Lines and Foresight addresses this knowledge gap. It does so in a way that is deeply experiential, interdisciplinary, and rooted in ideas of systems thinking, coevolution, and chaos theory, all centered empirically on a well-known global fault line: water stress. By the end of this course, students will acquire content knowledge regarding water issues, demonstrate capacity using several leading foresight tools (e.g., scenario planning, back casting, feedback loops, red/blue teaming, matrix gaming, horizon scanning), and complete a team-based futures scenario on a topic of their choosing.

More information on the award and Dr. Abrami can be found: here