Alumni Spotlight: People who Podcast

In our latest Alumni Spotlight series, we feature alumni who are making an impact in the world of podcasting.

Miguel Armaza (G’21, WG’21)

Miguel is the host of Fintech Leaders and a Co-Founder of Gilgamesh Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on seed level investments in the Fintech sector across Latin America and the US. Fintech Leaders interviews CEOs and other leaders across the Fintech space about how they built their success and their expert insights into topics such as crypto, digital assets, the payments industry, banking, and investing. At the Lauder Institute, Miguel was a student in the Europe (Russian) Program of Concentration and was co-host of the Wharton Fintech podcast. He says “I started podcasting at Wharton/Lauder because I thought it would be a great excuse to learn from interesting people. Almost three years and 200+ guests later, podcasting has now become part of my identity. Many of my podcast guests have become friends, mentors, and even investors in my company. It’s changed my life and it has allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world.”

Fintech Leaders is available on Spotify / Apple podcastsSubstack

Jing Chai (G’22, WG’22)

Jing Chai, a recent Lauder grad, has co-hosted The Pulse by Wharton Digital Health since 2020. The Pulse interviews leaders in digital health and healthcare innovation. Jing says that her hosting experience has provided her with “an incredible opportunity to engage directly with health tech startup founders and investors working to improve the healthcare experience for patients.”  The Pulse explores many of the innovations coming out of the health tech space that are trying to close the gaps “in terms of access, affordability, and efficacy of healthcare in the U.S. that have compounded over time” she says. Jing is also developing another podcast/blog currently in production called Healthcare Bites. This project is aimed at capturing key perspectives on some of the most salient topics in health tech today. Healthcare Bites will launch in late 2022. Jing is a graduate of Lauder’s East and Southeast Asia Program (Mandarin) and a consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

 The Pulse is available on Spotify / Apple podcasts / SoundCloud /  Medium  / Substack

Jill Dauchy (G’97, WG’97)

Jill Dauchy (G’97, WG’97) is the host of Sovereign Debt, a podcast aimed at encouraging bold thinking around ‘greening’ the global economy and debt sustainability frameworks. Jill, a graduate of the Lauder Institute’s Europe (Russia) Program, says that Sovereign Debt was started “as a way to reach out to as many people as possible to stimulate conversation about the financial challenges facing low and middle-income countries.” Jill is the founder and CEO of Potomac Group LLC, a financial advisory firm that specializes in advising governments on sovereign debt matters. She says “I am passionate about finding new ways to mobilize public and private capital into these countries to finance the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically with respect to climate change adaptation and protection of critical ecosystems. This requires changing our international financial architecture, especially for those countries at risk of debt distress. It’s a daunting task, but I have a little mantra to keep me going, ‘Smile. Change the world. Save the planet.’”

Sovereign Debt is available on Spotify / Apple podcasts / Google podcasts / Audible