Students collaborating in the Wharton MBA joint degree program.

How the International MBA/JD Program Works

The Lauder Institute’s unique joint degree program operates in ways that differentiate it from any other international MBA or JD program.


Unlike a typical academic calendar beginning in the fall, the Lauder Institute program starts in May of the first year. Whether in combination with the MBA from Wharton or the JD from Penn Law, the Lauder program lasts 24 months. Read more

Choices & Options

Completing the required coursework at the Lauder Institute begins with choices. Students select one of six Programs of Concentration, which span five geographic regions and the Global Program. The Institute also offers instruction in ten languages.

Immersion Experiences

Starting with an eight-week immersion abroad in their first summer and extending through two short-term immersions – plus an optional Culture Quest adventure – students at Lauder take deep and meaningful dives into different countries and cultures over the course of their two years here. Read more

Capstone Research

A capstone experience for all Lauder Institute students, called the Global Knowledge Lab (GKL), develops the critical thinking skills and intercultural fluency that takes students beyond the degree and into the workplace.

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