The beauty of the Lauder Institute is its heritage and passion for preparing tomorrow's business leaders to succeed across global markets. In today's increasingly complex, volatile, and mobile environment, the Lauder Institute offers a career- and life-changing opportunity to dovetail business acumen with language and cultural fluency.

To stay at the forefront, the Institute must invest to preserve and expand its innovative and forward-thinking programming. It must fortify its position as the premier destination for top-tier students seeking to become successful leaders of international organizations.

Your support is vital. We invite you to join fellow alumni and the Lauder family in a first-of-its-kind campaign:The Lauder Institute Challenge -- Investing in Global Leaders.

The Lauder Institute Annual Fund

The flexibility of this fund enables the Institute to continue to provide life-changing
opportunities to Lauder students from summer programming to special initiatives.

Please designate your area of support.

» Career Support

Provides students and alumni with global
career resources

» Branding and Visibility

Supports expanding the global footprint 
of the Lauder Institute

» Technology

Ensures cutting-edge technology innovations

» Alumni Engagement

Offers critical support for the Lauder alumni
network across the globe

» Unrestricted

Supports the ongoing needs of the Lauder
Institute at the discretion of the Director