The Lauder Institute Challenge – Deprecated

Thank You For Investing in Global Leaders

As the Institute’s inaugural fundraising and engagement campaign, The Lauder Institute Challenge: Investing in Global Leaders shattered the goals established at its outset in 2013. Together, nearly 900 Lauder alumni and the Lauder family raised more than $32 million for the Institute.

In five years, the Lauder community contributed $16 million matched dollar for dollar by the Lauder family. In addition to securing funds that will sustain the Lauder Institute for the long-term, the Challenge energized and united Lauder’s passionate alumni and raised the Institute’s global profile.

This Lauder family and alumni partnership has a tremendous impact on our ability to do what the Institute already does so well: developing fresh and innovative curriculum, attracting top student talent, and meeting the needs of the international business community for leaders with truly global backgrounds.


The Lauder Institute continually challenges itself to surpass expectations, with much energy channeled into curricular and co-curricular innovations – distinctive programs that offer the most effective means for learning in a global environment. The Lauder Institute Challenge has empowered us to implement new programs and develop initiatives that differentiate us from our peers.


As the Lauder Institute maintains and grows its position as the preeminent international business program, it must increase the awareness of its unmatched programming, influential alumni community, and expert faculty. In marketing terms: The Institute must support and promote its premier brand. By engaging more alumni than ever before and attracting high-profile scholars-in-residence, the Lauder Challenge has raised the profile of the Institute among the general population as well as among potential employers and prospective students.

Accessibility Through Student Fellowships

Competition for student talent is intense, and many students seriously consider financial aid packages when choosing a program. The Lauder Institute is committed to helping students finance their degrees; however, the pool of grant aid falls well below student need, leaving many to shoulder heavy debt burdens.

The Lauder Challenge has allowed the Institute to increase endowed fellowships to attract the most promising students in search of a premier interdisciplinary business education.

The Institute thanks all Lauder alumni and friends who made this effort a tremendous success. Your ongoing loyalty and commitment will ensure that the Lauder Institute can continue educating new generations of business leaders to become fluent in the global language of business, culture, and politics. To learn more about supporting the Lauder Institute, please contact Sonja Lee Chen at

875 alumni donors to the Lauder Institute Challenge!

In recognition of the incredible dedication of alumni and friends supporting the Institute, the Lauder family extended the Challenge by providing funds to match all gifts through December 31, 2018 — from annual giving to endowed funds —  with the hopes that every person in this community will participate.

The Challenge is over but your participation counts more than ever before.

The Lauder Institute is a world-renowned leader in global business education with an innovative interdisciplinary approach that has become a hallmark of Penn.
Amy Gutmann, President, University of Pennsylvania