Intercultural Ventures (7-10 days)

After the first summer, all Lauder students must enroll in two short-term immersions, which collectively constitute one credit unit of the master’s degree in International Studies. These immersions, which can last 7-10 days, generally take place over winter and spring break, though some could be offered in the summer. Because they carry partial credit units, they function as actual courses, complete with lectures, readings, and a variety of assignments.

In the past, students have traveled to Thailand to study Buddhism in the development of Thailand’s economic and political systems. More recently, they traveled to three sites in Cuba to study the causes and effects of the Cuban Revolution and the implications of this historical event as reflected through contemporary Cuban society.

Examples of potential immersion locations include:

  • Angola
  • Goa
  • Haiti
  • Kazakhstan
  • San Francisco
  • Vietnam
  • Zanzibar

Immersion Fees

The Lauder Institute subsidizes the cost of these immersion trips, but students should be prepared to cover some travel-related costs. See Tuition & Aid for more information about financing a Lauder education.

2015 Cuba Intercultural Venture