Culture Quest 2020

Culture Quest Oman began in the capital city of Muscat with a group outing to the National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman. The museum visit highlighted Oman’s rich cultural heritage and helped students gain a better understanding of the area’s history. The nine teams then departed Muscat to explore the country and collect points by participating in a variety of cultural and business activities. Adventurous teams camped out in the desert of the Wahabi Sands, waking at sunrise to take yoga classes, and riding camels to view the desert’s sloping dunes. Others chose a more modern mode of transportation by taking ATVs to explore Wahabi Sands. All students enjoyed their own version of a Bedouin adventure! Oman has many natural sights, and popular activities for teams included hiking the Jebel Shams in the Al Hajar mountain region, and swimming in the Bimmah Sinkhole with its crystal-clear waters. The cities of Oman also offered opportunities for local interactions. Participants bartered with business owners in the Nizwa Souk, enjoyed a scenic walk along the Mutrah Corniche, and visited the architecturally stunning Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the largest Sultan mosque in Oman. The quest ended with a group dinner in Muscat, where teams swapped stories on exploring the ancient and modern in Oman!