Culture Quest 2015

Culture Quest 2015 launched with a welcome dinner in New Delhi, India. Then the quest was underway with all 36 participants taking in the exotic culture and amazing sights of the surrounding cities. Teams ranging from an intimate duo to a team of eight Huntsman students spent the first few days amassing points through activities that ranged from the traditional — playing cricket with local children, learning a local dance, or interviewing street vendors — to the more unique and exotic — a full-fledged tour of a local crematorium. In a departure from past quests and in light of the distance to our next destination, teams were given the option to fly from New Delhi or take a six-hour chartered bus ride from Jiagon, India, to the remote kingdom of Bhutan, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. All managed to meet up at their scheduled times in Bhutan. Visiting this pristine and welcoming country, known for its “gross national happiness” index, was an exciting and wonderful group experience. In the capital city of Thimphu, the teams explored the beautiful architecture of Bhutanese fortresses and temples. All then travelled together to visit the city of Paro, where the famous Paro Taktsang — or the Tiger’s Nest — is situated. This sacred Himalayan Buddhist site and temple is built on the side of the cliff in the Paro Valley. The students spent a day hiking up through the valley to reach this breathtaking locale situated 3,000 feet above the city. The quest ended with a dinner in Paro with our local guides, who led a discussion about life and, of course, happiness in Bhutan.