The Lauder Institute Career Guidance

Most students begin the Lauder Program after 4-5 years of professional work experience. Many come with a clear vision of their career objectives: entrepreneurial ventures, career switches to specific companies and organizations, etc. In all cases, students cite global career advising as a highly valuable dimension of the Lauder Program. Our advisor works one-on-one with students and organizes highly rated events throughout the academic year.

Highly Customized Career Management

All Lauder students have access to Wharton Career Management Services for work on resume views, interview preparations, and recruitment events. The Lauder Global Career complements and extends those valuable services. Her focus is three-fold: international opportunities, Lauder Alumni, and individual attention.

One-On-One Advising

In addition to pairing students with Lauder Alumni, the Global Career Advisor helps students to: 1) take a realistic look at their skill set; 2) assess appropriate career paths, and 3) develop that potential into a compelling proposition. Students and alumni consistently highlight the exceptional value of career advising at the Lauder Institute.

Video Conferences and Campus Visits

The Lauder Global Career Advisor organizes events and videoconference calls that connect Lauder students to Lauder alumni around the world. These events are exceptional because of the strong personal and intimate Lauder community. Lauder alumni sponsor internships and provide mentorship. Every student has a chance to meet and shake hands – virtually or in person – with alumni who are committed to the success of the next generation of Lauder graduates.

Lauder Career Outcomes

Each year, Lauder graduates obtain a variety of positions around the world. Our Class of 2020 took roles in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, UAE, UK, Kenya, and Mexico, and in addition to the cities across the US. Approximately one-third of graduates work abroad after graduation. Many students also pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Top employers for the Class of 2020 include: (2 or more)

  • Amazon
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Bain
  • BCG
  • Deloitte
  • Gramercy
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • McKinsey

Top industries represented:

  • Consulting
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial services/investment banking/PE
  • Technology

Lauder Student Career Outcomes

Lauder Podcast: Career Advisor Kim Conroy

Lauder Global Career Advisor Kim Conroy shares about her background and the types of career services that are available to Lauder students.