Anand Dwivedi

Anand K. Dwivedi

Lecturer in Foreign Languages, Hindi

Email:  |  Phone: 215-898-1215

Anand K. Dwivedi began teaching at The Lauder Institute in 2013, the year that the Hindi language and culture program was introduced. Prior to his arrival at Lauder, he was Associate Director at the South Asia Center, Syracuse University. He earned an M.Phil. in Linguistics (University of Delhi) and an M.A. in Linguistics (University of Delhi) before starting his career teaching Hindi to Korean and American students and working as a faculty member on study abroad programs of American universities. He later taught Hindi at the University of Virginia and the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif., where he also served as a language specialist for the Institute’s assessment projects. His work on material development projects for the ACTFL’s Heritage Learners is just one of many platforms he has used for his own professional development in the field of foreign language pedagogy. As a teacher, his goal is to make language instruction culturally rich and pedagogically effective through innovative, technology-driven instructional design. Dwivedi’s areas of interest include issues of language and education, inclusive growth, environment, rural empowerment and sustainable agriculture. He also enjoys Hindi literature and listening to Indian music and ghazals.