Summer Immersion: Earn part of your joint MA/MBA degree abroad

Lauder students don’t just study the world from the classroom. They take the classroom to the world. Students study abroad, immersed in a region's language, economy, history, politics, law, religion, business, and culture.

The overarching goal of the eight-week joint MBA summer immersion is to advance the students’ language proficiency through content-based instruction. The immersion program consists of three major components: language, culture, and corporate visits.

The eight-week immersion provides a minimum of 200 hours of activities in language, including classroom and field work: approximately 100 hours of language instruction, 50 hours of culture activities, and 50 hours of business activities.  Students visit 10-12 corporations in the country or region and familiarize themselves with the management/marketing philosophies and cultural issues underlying the operations of those particular industries.

Throughout the joint MBA study abroad programs, classroom instruction and seminars are designed to meet the specific needs of the non-native-speaking students. The summer immersion program enhances the students’ communicative skills in the target language for increasingly formal contexts.  Students begin to develop a repertoire of content knowledge about life, values, and perspectives in the culture. A full program of social and cultural activities provides experiential learning in a variety of fields, including the fine arts, music, and history.

Students have the unique opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, community leaders, executives of international corporations & financial institutions, as well as prominent thought leaders from the host country.  Oral and written communication for social and professional purposes and readings are integrated into the preparation for the corporate visits.

During the immersion, students are required to conduct research and interviews in teams in order to write a short article on a business, economic, cultural, or political topic related to their experiences. Research for the topics includes gathering information and conducting interviews in the target language. For more information, please refer to Summer Research Project.

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