Research at the Lauder Institute

Research at the Lauder Institutes comes in multiple forms: original research into contemporary global issues by Lauder’s leading faculty members; international research by postdoctoral fellows; and research projects by students that combine their business acumen with the methodologies of international studies.

Original Research

The Lauder Institute’s rapidly expanding collection of original research includes articles and books by faculty experts on the most important topics of the day, from changing patterns of culture and consumption, to entrepreneurship in emerging economies, to new international investors, to green products and energy. The Postdoctoral Research Program brings in published authors and yields new work. Finally, published student papers and collaborative capstone research projects developed via the Institute’s innovative Global Knowledge Lab add to the growing list of Lauder Institute–produced resources and publications.

Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program

Led by Jim McGann, a renowned scholar whose research has led him to study think tanks and policy organizations in more than 80 countries, the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program has at its disposal one of the most powerful databases and directories of such organizations ever compiled – consisting of over 6,500 think tanks in 179 countries around the world. Additionally, the Center has created specialized databases of think tanks in areas such as development, democracy, security, international affairs, and health. Learn more

The Globalization TrendLab

The Lauder Institute is a hub for the global business community – a hub for business executives and leading scholars, and a hub for those foreign language instructors tasked with teaching global business leaders to operate in a business context. The Lauder Institute’s annual Globalization TrendLab conference brings leading academics and business executives together to analyze the impact of forces that are changing the global business landscape.

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