About the Postdoctoral Research Program

The Lauder Institute’s Postdoctoral Research Program invites recent PhD recipients looking for an exciting place in which to interact with other international researchers. Each year we bring to Penn a small group of scholars engaged in research on economic, business, political, or social issues in various parts of the world. Research fellowships support their work and broaden our community.

Research Topics

Lauder Postdoctoral Research Fellows have interests that span the globe. Each year, the regional focus changes. The Institute intends to highlight the following world regions: East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Teaching and Student Advising

In addition to developing and teaching a relevant graduate-level course, the Postdoctoral Researchers are expected to meet regularly with graduate students to advise them on research projects and/or language proficiency development. We also expect the Postdoctoral Researchers to make public presentations on topics related to their own research.

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