The Lauder Institute Annual Fund

Lauder Institute Annual Fund

The Lauder Annual Fund enables the Institute to develop and implement cutting-edge educational opportunities, expand our reach globally, and remain at the forefront of an ever-changing business landscape.

Your generosity is our greatest strength. Through the recent growth of the Lauder Annual Fund, the Senior Global FellowGlobal Career Advisor, and the Lauder Intercultural Ventures have joined a portfolio stocked with innovations that benefit students and engage alumni.

“Lauder graduates make up the most passionate alumni community in the world. Our dedication to the Institute’s ongoing success tells other alumni, prospective students, and the global business community that supporting Lauder is one of our highest collective priorities. The sustained support of Lauderites around the world gives the Institute the resources it needs to remain financially strong and best in its class.”

Nancy Kail, G’89, WG’89, and Kevin Kelly, G’92, WG’92, Lauder Annual Fund Co-Chairs

Annual gifts are a crucial pillar of the Institute’s lifelong mission: providing life-changing opportunities to Lauder students and alumni. Invest in this shared mission today with a gift to the Lauder Annual Fund.

Joseph H. Lauder Society FY2018


Lauder Family Circle ($50,000+)
The Honorable Ronald S. Lauder W65 and Mrs. Lauder
Mr. Leonard A. Lauder W54 and Mrs. Lauder
Mr. William P. Lauder W83 and Ms. Lori Kanter-Tritsch
Mr. Reza Ansari W87 G93 WG93
Mrs. Christine J. Bourron Tchelikidi G95 WG95 and Mr. Ilia George Tchelikidi WG94
Mr. David Ivan Buenfil G98 WG98
Ms. Melissa Beth Eisenstat C84 G88 WG88 and Mr. Jonathan Blau
Mr. Rene M. Kern G90 WG90 and Mrs. Marie-France Kern
Ms. Marina Kunis Jacobson G93 WG93 and Mr. Andrew Harris Jacobson WG93
Innovation Partners ($25,000-$49,999)
Ms. Nancy R. Kail G89 WG89
Mr. Alvin Tsz-Wang Lam G98 WG98
Ms. Shiva Mirhosseini G08 WG08
Mr. Barend M. Pennings C92 G97 WG97
Mr. Stephen C. Sloan G00 WG00
Mr. Banleng James Toh WG93
Mr. Lawrence Daniel Writer G03 WG03
Director’s Guild ($10,000-$24,999)
Ms. Janifer M. Burns G86 WG86
Mr. Shih-Hsin Richard Chen G86 WG86
Ms. Andrea Applegate Dover G89 WG89 and Mr. Stephen Harold Dover WG88
Mrs. Andra Ehrenkranz G92 WG92 and Mr. John B. Ehrenkranz WG91
Ms. Maria A. Herrera G92 WG92 and Mr. Pedro Chomnalez
Mr. Benjamin A. Hoover III G94 WG94
Mr. Duane L. Hughes, Esquire G88 WG88 L91
Ms. Mayra Ester Kam W88 G94 WG94 and Mr. John David Rauschkolb G94 WG94
Ms. Sarah Ching-Wen Lee G88 WG88 and Mr. David E. Stanke WG88
Mr. Davin Alexander MacKenzie G89 WG89
Mr. Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos C93 W93 G97 WG97
Mr. Erik Price Peterson G93 WG93
Mr. David Donald Schmidt G93 WG93
Mr. Aydin Senkut G96 WG96 and Mrs. Sonia Senkut
Ms. Susan M. Sherrerd G93 WG93
Mrs. Tracy Schach Simpson G86 WG86 and Mr. Bruce B. Simpson G86 WG86
Ms. Evelyn W. Swanson G89 WG89 and Mr. Bart K. Swanson G89 WG89
Mr. Robert Paul Torretti G00 WG00
Ms. Deborah Lynn Wahl G92 WG92
Intercultural Fellows ($5,000-$9,999)
Mr. Xavier Alegret Madrid G05 WG05
Mrs. Jill Scriba Dailey G98 WG98
Ms. Emmanuelle Laure Delannoy G99 WG99
Mr. Kevin Moure G93 WG93
Mr. Laxman Narasimhan G93 WG93
Ms. Charlene Huang Olson WG93 and Mr. Christopher J. Olson G93 WG93
Mr. Juan I. Prado G88 WG88
Mr. Normand R. Savoie C86 G91 WG91
Mr. Shimon Shkury G01 WG01 and and Ruby A. Gelman, D.M.D. D83
Global Associates ($2,500-$4,999)
Mr. Christopher L. Boyatt G87 WG87
Mr. Sergey Burnell WG00
Mr. Thian Chiat Chew G03 WG03
Mr. Todd Messer Freeman G87 WG87
Ms. Monica Avellaneda Gatti G91 WG91 and Mr. Richard Darrell Cannon WG91
Ms. Kathryn Harrison G12 WG12
Mr. Keith Adam Kohler G93 WG93
Mr. Johan Fredrik Pfeiffer G93 WG93
Mrs. Stephanie Mathis Joy Schwartz G08 WG08 and Mr. Jeffrey L. Schwartz WG08
Mr. Alexander Ustraykh, Esquire G86 WG86 L87
Young Lauder Society ($1,000-$2,499)
Mr. Ross Andrew Caton G18 WG18
Ms. Katherine G. Littlefield G14 WG14
Mr. Alexandre Carneiro Nogueira G17 WG17


Joseph H. Lauder Society

The Institute’s leaders in unrestricted annual giving are members of the Joseph H. Lauder Society. Through their generosity, these donors exhibit an unwavering commitment to the Lauder Institute and motivate their peers to increase the impact of their annual fund participation.

Members of the Joseph H. Lauder Society are recognized each year for outright gifts at the following levels:

Lauder Family Circle: $50,000 and above
Innovation Partners: $25,000 to $49,999
Director’s Guild: $10,000 to $24,999
Intercultural Fellows: $5,000 to $9,999
Global Associates: $2,500 to $4,999
Young Lauder Society: $1,000 to $2,499*

Join the Joseph H. Lauder Society today!

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